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The fun of making kids costume

Cinderella dress

I am so sorry for not updating the blog for ages. I have been busy with family life and customers' commissions.

Recently I have been asked to make kids costumes for their birthday parties: One was a magician's circus jacket; the other was a cinderella dress. It is very hard to find good quality costume wear online, so the lovely grandma and mother decided to have it made.

I always love making kids wear, the elaborated details, the cute embellishment. It's never too much to have many details and decorations on a traditional kids wear. A great opportunity to show off the seamstress's skill!

I took both tasks as great pleasure. The cinderella dress was made with a three-tier ball gown style petticoat underneath, which was the most time consuming part of the process. The skirt was made by two layers of full circle organza. It gives a good volume of the skirt without too much weight. The mum was thrilled by the result and I love the photo of the girl doing a twirl.

The circus jacket was made with golden trims around the chest, cuff, collar and back, and finished with gold metal buttons. It really is a show piece for occasions and stage. The grandma was so pleased.

Cinderella dress back

Cinderella dress underneath petticoat

Boy's circus jacket