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Some non-shapely outfit ideas for mother of the bride/groom ( inspiration from Balenciaga)

Mother of the bride/groom outfit doesn't have to be all so shapely. Many of us don't have such a figure any more after raising a family, dealing with various physical changes in our life. A relaxed, loosely fitted silhouette can also be smart, structured and stylish.

Here are a few examples Cristobal Balenciaga showed us how it's done.

a full length dress with exquisite embroidered beading details

The cut is simple, doesn't emphasis the waist, by using drapery medium weight fabric like silk satin crepe, duchess satin, or velvet to achieve the luxury look. The detail along the side seam is the high light, truly eye-catching.

This two pieces outfit cleverly avoided being too shapely and yet still look chic.

This outfit used beautiful Jacquard fabric, puffed shoulder and neck lines, loose sleeves and slightly flared cut jacket.

Being demure and sophisticated is what Balenciaga so good at. These vintage designs are just inspiring for modern women with confidence and style. With brighter colour, using fabric like silk satin crepe, jacquard and dupion , they are perfect mother of bride/groom outfit for modern women.

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