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Transferring the moment onto a cushion cover ( A little Christmas gift idea)

I was looking through my previous project photos and found this lovely cushion cover I made for the parent-in-law as a Christmas present. I still smiled even it was three years ago's work, because the content of the cushion cover was based from my holiday photos in Paris - children, Eiffel Tower, bench, trees and birds. All the happy memories come back. In fact every time when I visit my in-laws, I still admire them proudly sitting in the arm-chair in their sitting room.

I realise it could be a great Christmas present idea for all the craft lovers - patch working some memorial photos on a cushion cover. It would be a great present for your family.

I used felt and cotton for the main parts and black thread sewing on free motion to outline the object and the Eiffel Tower structure. Once you draw and cut your objects, it's fairly easy to sew onto the cushion cover. I might write a detailed tutorial if people are interested to learn. Let's all get creative for Christmas!

At Eiffel Tower

Holiday in Paris