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Tips for oval shape brides and mother of the brides

If your waist and belly measurement is bigger than your bust, then you are an oval shape.

There are too many rules for oval shaped people, such as " no bright colours, no big print, no polka dots, no horizontal lines". It feels like no fun and almost a punishment for only few choices of styles.

After I had a look at plus-sized fashion model Ashley Graham and funny FATshion blogger Lolly's profile (, I realised that plus- sized fashion could also be dynamic and chic. The key is to embrace your body and be confident. Sometimes, adding eye-catching details on make-up such as scarlet red lipstick or accessories like glasses or handbags, can achieve a great result!

eye-catching lipstick draws attention to the face

Ashley Graham rocked the red carpet

Lolly in her glasses and funky handbag

As for brides, apart from tightly fitted to knee length mermaid style should be avoided, I believe curvy brides can rule almost any styles. If you want the waistline to be more accentuated, having a belt can do the trick. If you'd like a more defined figure, having a inner corset could really help.

an inner corset could help defining the waist

For mother of the brides/groom, long jacket with soft draped fabric would be the best choice.

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